Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Charleston Christmas!

I love Christmas in Charleston. The weather amazing (except when it rains...). We have a few warm days every now and then, and the cold nights are just cool enough to feel the Christmas, wintery feeling, but not cold enough to make your fingers and nose feel like they're going to fall off. The city is decorated all over with wreaths, red bows and Christmas lights, which gives me warm fuzzies when I walk down the street. I must say, Christmas palm trees are the prettiest thing I've ever seen!

Of course, Cupcake at Christmastime is so fun! We listen to the Nutcracker soundtrack, while decorating cupcakes with candy canes, sparkles and festive sprinkles. We also go a little overboard sometimes and make ridiculous, inedible cupcakes to display, like this enormous snowman made of extremely sugar-filled icing.

Spending time with my favorite people decorating gingerbread houses with the largest candy supply in the world was definitely the highlight of my Charleston Christmas. We had tons of fun laughing at each other's fallen, broken houses (mine and Drew's) and envying the perfectly decorated and put-together ones (Olivia and Tyler's....) I have eaten way too much sugar this season!!! I have no self-control.


  1. you look so pretty in these pictures. i love the last one. too sweet. and...don't worry... sugar overdose is just a part of the season :).

  2. Awww I'm sad I never took pics in marion square this year! PS that jumbo brown cupcake looks like dog poop..eww with sprinkles lol

  3. aaah that has been my favorite part too!!! it's been such a fun december, if only drew was here all the time!! love the pics, the snowman is my favorite!

  4. love that you get warm fuzzies from all the decorations! now i really wish we had put up christmas lights...we're scrooges