Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've started my cat collection

Binx... She is probably the best cat I've ever had. She's absolutely adorable. She's not the prettiest cat in the world but her outstanding personality makes up for her not-so-good looks. She's extra fat with a tiny tiny head. She's black and has yellow eyes and she weighs about 10 pounds. She loooooves humans and will always let you hold her for as long as you want. She will cuddle with you constantly and never bites or scratches. In the morning, she'll dash into the bathroom with you before you can even shut the door and then she'll jump on your lap while you sit on the toilet. It's quite annoying, but funny. She's always hungry and will try to eat your food right out of your hand, so you got to watch out. She's a pretty great kitty.
                                 Binx's new favorite spot        Kiwi, wanting to shoot us because we dressed her up

Kiwi... She is probably the meanest, most human-hating cat I have ever met. But Kiwi's got the good looks. She's only 4 pounds, and she's grey with a white patch on her chest. She's still fuzzy like a kitten and has big round, yellow eyes. Despite her cute, cuddly good-looks, she hates sitting on laps, hates being touched or pet and hates being held. She simply uses humans to get food. She does love binx, though. They cuddle and play all the time. Kiwi is Binx's best friend, which is pretty much the only reason I keep her. She meows at you all the time because she wants to be fed and all I ever want to do is kick her. However, she's just so simply adorable, no matter how much she hates me, I still love her.