Monday, August 24, 2009

Starting to blog...

So I decided to start a blog. I tried to do this once before and it didn't work out too well. BUT it was for a class and I was assigned questions to answer each week. Let's just say due to my lack of blogging for that class, my grade went from an A to a B. Hopefully this time I'll keep up with it a little bit better! I was inspired by my two lovely friends, Olivia and Tess. Olivia started a blog this summer and it's so entertaining to read and it was a great way to keep up with her life while she was away for the summer. Tess just moved to Australia and I have been reading her blog about her exciting adventures, which I LOVE! SO... I am now starting a blog and will be writing about everything I love in life. Hopefully it will be a success!


  1. ohhhhh SHAN!!!! my life is complete!!! never been so happy!!!!

  2. I LOVE your blog. I get to find out so much more than I ever have before. Plus you sound so happy!

    I love you,