Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paranormal Activity... everywhere

So, I did it again... I dragged myself to yet another scary movie! This time it was probably about 15 times more terrifying. The movie is called Paranormal Activity. Movies about ghosts and demons probably scare me the most because if there is a ghost or demon in the house... there's nothing you can really do to protect yourself. Whereas if there is a robber or a murderer in the house, you could fight, escape or call 911. SOO the day I started thinking about this movie and went to see this movie, paranormal activity followed me everywhere....

First, before even going to see it I was watching a trailer for it online. RIGHT when the trailer stopped playing, my ceiling fan started making a crackling noise. I ignored it but then it got louder and suddenly my fan just completely stopped spinning... and continued to crackle... I was afraid something worse was going to happen, like it would fall onto my head or something, so I quickly turned it off and the crackling stopped. Later that day I told my roommate about it and she turned my fan back on and it WORKED... which is even creepier than if it had just stopped working altogether...

Second, that entire day my cat, Kiwi, was staring creepily at the blank wall in my room next to my bed with her ears bent backwards...  staring right below a picture of a cat I have hanging on my wall. Obviously, cats can see things that us humans can't and she was definitely seeing some paranormal activity going on that us humans  can't perceive. SO, you would think that after these two incidences I wouldn't go to the movie, BUT... I did it anyway.

Third, I saw the movie that night and I was terrified. On the car ride home from the movie my phone randomly turned off. Nothing was touching it. It was in the pocket in my North Face jacket and all of the sudden I felt it vibrate and turn off. I freaked out and turned it back on only to find a fully charged battery... what else could explain something like this besides paranormal activity??? nothing.

Fourth, I arrived home and went into my room to find that the drying rack that my clothes were hanging on was completely knocked over on the floor. On a normal day I would probably blame the cats, but considering all of the other creepy things that happened to me that day, I'd say it was most definitely, without a doubt... more paranormal activity.

SOO... the movie was terrifying and I was probably the most scared I've been since I saw the movie What Lies Beneath. I highly recommend it to all you scary movie lovers out there and I hope that paranormal activity doesn't follow you around like it did me that day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Vampires

My baby nephew, Jack Henry, is the cutest little vampire I've ever seen! My sister shares the same view as me about halloween... scary and bloody. This costume is absolutely adorable... I love how unique it is for a baby, he even has blood on his face! And he's walking!!! He's going to be the hit of the neighborhood!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

scary movies thrill me


I don't know why I do it to myself.... but I have developed a love for scary movies. I used to hate them and literally would not be able to sleep after seeing one, but now I think I've seen so many that I don't have to be too scared to watch them.

I went to see The Stepfather last night, just to get into the scary halloween spirit. It was pretty terrifying and kept me on my toes for a long amount of time, but it wasn't the scariest of movies in the world... (although I did have to sleep with my lights on last night). When I was watching it I thought, "why did I do this to myself? Why? Why???" and "I just want it to be over, I just want it to be over"... but once it was over I felt so very relieved and scared at the same time. Scary movies are actually fun to watch because of the intense suspense... Call me crazy, but I just love them!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmer's Market, Bicycling, Eating (and taking pictures)...

The weather was amazing this weekend so Drew and I spent most of the time bicycling around Charleston.  Saturday morning we were able to make it to the lovely farmer's market! This is a rare occasion because about 95% of the time I'm working at 8 a.m. on Saturday mornings. We had to take advantage of my morning off and resisted having a late-night on Friday so that we could wake up early the next morning to go to the lovely farmer's market!!! I tried many samples from the stands who were offering them and bought some sweet potato gnocchi, butternut squash ravioli, and some lovely Kiwis! We ended it with an extra large lemonade and spent the rest of our weekend bicycling and eating... (and watching the notebook).

attempting with no hands... unsuccessfully

(yes, we are both wearing plaid... not on purpose)

...... how lovely!

The Hauuntteed Corn Maze!!

Friday night I went to a haunted corn maze with Drew, Olivia and Tyler. It was such a blast! I found it to be terrifying and hilarious all at the same time. As we walked through the corn maze, zombies would creep out of the corn field and chase us down until we met the next one. It really kept you on your toes. The chain saw man really terrified me... I kept thinking to myself "they're not allowed to touch me, they're not allowed to touch me..." and even though I knew  it was fake, I was screaming and jumping all over the place! Olivia was seriously terrified, so much that she didn't even want to go in and closed her eyes the whole way through because she has a fear that someone may actually be hiding back there wanting to actually kill someone in the maze. Tyler was in his own world thinking about how beautiful the corn was that surrounded us and trying to pick some for himself, while Drew and I were in the back screaming and laughing hysterically as the zombies chased us and breathed down our necks.... I found all of our different reactions to be quite hilarious and I absolutely loved the excitement of it all! Afterwards we came out of the maze to find a bunch of adorable little 11  year olds dancing on stage to Miley Cyrus... it was probably the most relieving way to emerge from a haunted corn maze. What a night.... aahhh!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Claire's 21! FINALLY!

Claire had her 21st birthday yesterday thank GOODNESS! We have been waiting for this day for a veerryyy long time.... She's a young one. We went out at midnight on Sunday to Juanita's. We weren't really planning on going out big time because Claire is sick, but we had to go out so that she could at least buy a drink. Well... that plan didn't work out too well. We got a little excited and took a few too many Tequilla shots, but it was a blast! I'm SO happy for her!

Cold Cold Weather....

Can you find Kiwi?? Isn't she cuuute?! My poor kitties have been freeezing this week because the heat in my house is not working! Our house says it is about 55 degrees inside... miserable. My roommates and I have been walking around in sweatshirts and sweatpants and covering ourselves with blankets nonstop. Binx has been Ms. Cuddly recently in order to get some body heat. Poor Kiwi hates cuddling, so she has to find other ways to get warm. I feel so bad for them (and myself) but hopefully it will work soon! Both Allison and Claire are sick and I'm doing my best to try to stay healthy in this chilly weather!

I was so excited that Drew's parents  came into town this weekend!  His mom and dad are even more adorable than I had imagined! We had a great dinner at Five Loaves and then headed to Kaminsky's for some dessert. His mom, so thoughtfully, gave me this lovely little kitty cat jar.... its so cute! I adore it. (she had heard I love cats)!

Friday, October 16, 2009

We made our way into town.... pretty city of Asheville

The second day camping it rained all day long, so we decided to go visit Asheville for the day. We took a driving tour through the rain and parked on the street to walk around a bit. First stop, obviously, was the Mast General Store where Claire and I both spent almost $10 on candy alone... oops!

It was really miserable and rainy outside so we decided to stop at this cute little coffee shop, in disguise. I didn't even realize what it was! They have it set up in a double-decker bus from London! How they got it all the way over here, I have no idea. It was even adorable on the inside.

We found this cupcake store too! I didn't go inside, but I took a peak and in no way does it compare to our Cupcake in Charleston! Although, I'm sure they're very delicious...

So we ate lunch, which wasn't as good as our fire-cooked meals, of course... but it was nice to have someone else do the dishes! Then we headed to the Cinebarre in Asheville to catch a movie! It was waay cooler than the one we have here. We also stopped at the Dollar Tree and stocked up on random things... I got some cat costumes for Binx and Kiwi, Shannon and Drew got miniature tripods for their cameras and Claire got some paper towels and Fabreze... it's funny how random everything you buy is when you go to a dollar store!

And here are some really horrible tourist pictures that we couldn't resist taking...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The amazing mountains (and TONS of beautiful pictures!)

Back from camping! It was absolutely amaaazing! We had such a great time resting, hiking, building fires, cooking and traveling into Asheville. We stayed at Lake Powhatan, a great little campground with friendly staff and great trails for hiking and mountain biking (to Drew's excitement). This place was fantastic. I love escaping to the woods for a chance to forget about all of your worries and just relax and  have fun. Absolutely amazing............... SOOO.... here's a picture journey of our trip!

Our car ride turned into a sunset highway cruise... it was beautiful.

When we got there, it was already dark, so we quickly set up the tents and Drew got straight to the fire. We had a great fire every morning and night and cooked the most amazing meals! They all had that yummy smokey barbecue kind of taste... mmmmm... We had hot dogs, potatoes, corn, pasta, baked beans and tacos for our delicious dinners. For breakfast we had eggs, bacon and pancakes. Nothing compares to a meal cooked over a hot, smokey fire. The only thing I hate about it is doing the dishes afterward... miserable.

We always enjoyed playing with the fire and whittling sticks.... and playing with drew's hatchet and machete.

We enjoyed hiking through the woods and finding small lakes and streams.


The colors of the leaves were absolutely AMAZING!

Drew went mountain biking and from what I hear it was "FREAKING AMAZING!"

We had SUCH a fun time in the woods despite the slight rain that we experienced. I love being in the mountains with my fabulous friends!