Monday, November 23, 2009

My overachieving big sister...

So you know how I was saying my sisters are overachievers??? WELL, my very ambitious, goal-oriented sister has set the most amazing and daring goal for herself. She has decided to run a 26.2 mile marathon to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. How awesome is that?? She has also set a goal to raise $5,000 for blood cancer patients before the race in April. It gets even better.... get this..... the marathon that she's training for is going to be held in Paris!!! I am so jealous! She just started training with a team in Atlanta, a mix of beginners and experts, so it should be an interesting and exciting experience for her. I'm so jealous that she has the motivation to do something so amazing and cool and for such a good cause!!! I'm going to make her force me to go running when I go home for break and I am probably going to slow her down on her training process, haha, oh well! So she's just getting started on everything, but if you are interested in donating to my fabulous sister's cause, visit her new little blog here and help her reach her amazing goal!!! She'd really appreciate anything she can get! Even 5 measly little dollars, it will go a long way! Plus, I would love you forever :)

{I also discovered that making important words bigger is amazingly fun and dramatic}

a short, but very sweet visit

{the only picture taken this weekend, thank you, self-timer}

Drew came to visit and we had so much fun! Just as I had predicted... we sat around my house watching movies, cuddling, laughing, eating and telling stories. Whenever we watch T.V., we don't actually watch it.... we just kind of goof around on the couch, and when we're not goofing around, we catch little snippets of whatever is on the T.V... its great. Its so funny because it always takes us hours upon hours to decide and agree on a movie to watch... but Drew brought up a very good point when he said, "Why do we care so much about what we're going to watch? We never end up actually watching it!" I thought that was a very true and wise statement, but I still care deeply about what we watch for some strange reason....

We were planning on cooking a fabulous and delicious dinner, but we were too busy snacking on spinach artichoke dip, salami, crackers and wine... I know, a very strange snack, don't judge...

We did get a chance to go bike riding, but for transportation purposes only, it was cold and rainy so it was not too enjoyable... we ate at Hominy Grill, which has the most delicious bacon I have ever eaten in my life... and then we spent hours at Kudu Coffee, chatting it up.

It was probably the shortest visit of my life, but I'm so thankful that he has the patience to drive 7-8 hours to Charleston just for the weekend! It was definitely worth it. Its amazing how doing nothing by yourself is so boring, but doing nothing with a person you love can be the most fun in the world.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

prettiest cupcakes in the world

I made these absolutely beautiful cupcakes this weekend! We got these sample sprinkles that look like glitter and it makes the cupcakes look like they came from a magical wonderland... I made them to give to Drew's parents on Saturday but I didn't get a chance to see them! So then I was going to give them to Drew to take back with him but then I forgot! So now they're sitting on my counter being picked at by my roommates and I......! I wish i could freeze them and keep them forever because they're just that preettyy! I'm so proud!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my favorite person is coming to visit!

2 days and counting... Drew will be back in Charleston for a couple of days, and I can't wait! He's coming back to Charleston to move all of his things and I get to spend some fabulous, wonderful, quality time with him! Although it will be a short little visit, I am looking forward to every minute of it! Hopefully we will be going on bike rides, cooking, eating at our favorite places, spending time with Olivia and Tyler and staying up late doing fun things like bowling! Well... these are my plans, but I rarely follow through with my fun plans because I fall asleep or get in my lazy, homebody mood. However, I will be just as happy if we end up sitting in my living room watching movies, eating popcorn and eventually, snoring on the couch with cats lying on top of us.

what a sleeping beauty....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Big sisters are bossy, but for some reason I love them.

I've always been quite the jealous little sister. Both of my older sisters are much smarter, more mature and way more motivated than I am or ever will be. You may think I'm just saying that but its true... there are studies that show that older siblings are smarter than younger ones... its okay, I've accepted it. They always seem to be five steps ahead of me in life, although I guess its because they're older, its still frustrating. Rita is the most organized, on-top-of-it, creative and witty person I know. Jessica is the bravest and most adventurous, goal-oriented person I know... and I'm just the little sister trying to live up to their amazingness.

Its always been so annoying to be the little sister, because your big sisters are always first in being able to do things, like picking the better room, sleeping in the bed instead of the floor at the hotel, getting the window seat on the airplane, and staying home alone.

Plus, they have a way of making you do things you don't want to do, its weird. They have a technique of phrasing things so you feel like you have no choice but to do it. My sisters have always bossed me around, just because they can, and I'm a pushover. Recently, I have actually been standing up for myself and saying no to them when they tell me to go upstairs and get their shoes (I know, its taken me 21 years to be able to fight back, how pathetic).

Oh yeah, they're also much better shoppers than me. I hate shopping so I always stole my sisters' clothes growing up. I get lazy and don't want to look for the bargains at Marshalls, so I go to the expensive stores and buy what's on the mannequin and then spend all of my money on one thing... so stupid. They always yell at me for buying stupid things that aren't even cute. When I'm rich I'm going to pay my sisters to shop for me, it will be fabulous.

Anyway, my sisters are pretty awesome, despite the fact that they take advantage of my passiveness and are complete overachievers... I have learned a lot from both of them and I would probably be a complete loser if it weren't for them telling me that my outfit looks stupid or that I don't know how to put on make up or take care of my hair. They have also taught me how to behave like a normal human being, and not make a fool of myself doing stupid things. Even though I still do that often, like when I set my hair on fire. They've taught me a lot of life lessons. I was always the kid who knew about "older people things" before my friends did, because I had big sisters who would inform me about stuff that I probably shouldn't have known about.

Even though they boss me around, at least they are the only people on earth who are not scared to tell me that I'm being an idiot or that I look stupid in that outfit. I look up to them both because they're my big sisters, and I want to be just like them! I always have...

family picture, 1988

Saturday, November 14, 2009

mmm... Chinese Food

Last night, in my attempt to relax, Claire and I ordered Chinese food for delivery (despite the looks, it was delicious). We chowed down while watching stupid yet fabulous shows on T.V. like "World's Strictest Parents" and "Supernanny". It was awesome. But then my fortune cookie said: "As long as you don't sign up for anything new. You'll be fine"... hmmm does the Praxis count as something new??? haha, oh well. Then I went to bed at 9:30... earliest I've been to bed since I was about 12 years old, it was amazing. I love laying around eating and doing nothing instead of stressing out, its so relieving!

I took the praxis. I have no idea how I did. I'll find out in a month, and that is all. Thanks for the comments, made me feel 290,489,323,829 times better!

... and I still can't wait till Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Thanksgiving, please arrive quickly. Thanks.

I have to take the second praxis exam tomorrow morning, and I'm dreading it. I took the first one without studying and I passed, but I decided I would study for the second one. I think it was a bad idea to study because studying is just freaking me out even more. I've been taking a few mini practice tests and I've been failing them, then I study more and do worse... its just making me worried and anxious, so I'm just going to stop studying and hope for the best. I can always take it again, right?? I keep hearing these horror stories about people who have failed three or four times and still can't pass. I had a breakdown yesterday while talking to Drew because I'm so stressed out about the Praxis and school. The worst part about it is that I can't just take it tomorrow morning and then be relieved and done, I have to go home and do homework all day long. AAHHH! Its so unlike me to be stressing out about school like this. I just want it to be Thanksgiving already! Then I can sit around and do nothing for 5 days straight at home and hang out with my parents, grandparents, sisters and baby nephew, Jack Henry! Ohhh I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!!! How could this adorable little face not cheer you up??!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Am I in Italy??

I woke up this morning very late, as usual... I threw on some clothes and ran out the door 6 minutes before my 8 a.m. class was going to start, giving me just enough time to get there riding my bike. To my surprise and slight excitement, I walked out to see that my lovely road had turned into a lovely river! I was a bit panicked for a second because I realized I wouldn't be able to get to my bike without walking through a foot of water, and now I would be late for class. I had a decision to make: get my feet and legs soaked and ride my bike, dodge the river and walk to class but arrive 15 minutes late, OR skip class altogether and get some useful work done. Obviously, I chose the third option. I still ended up walking through the river, just for pure enjoyment (Claire thinks its gross) but I was able to wash off my feet and legs afterward, whereas, if I had gone to class, I would have had nasty dirty rainwater all over me for the rest of the day. I think I made the right decision. As long as my car and house are high enough not to flood, I thoroughly enjoy having a river outside of my house! It's as close as I can get to Venice! Thanks hurricane Ida!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes I wish I was a little bit nerdier...

Sometimes I wish I was a nerd. Someone who always wanted to be reading the news, or reading educational books or exercising my mind with things like crossword puzzles... but no, I'm all interested in hanging out with friends, going to movies, exploring charleston, traveling, having fun... its nice and all, but I really wish I was more interested in nerdy topics like astronomy, history or science... then I could actually be feeling like I was doing something useful with my time.

I feel like I have no hobbies. I try to run but I dread it every time, I try to read but then I get sidetracked with other things going on around my house, I try to knit but then I stop and never finish, I try to cook but then I spend too much money... its so annoying. Also, its not like I don't have anything to do. I have tons to do. I have a huge amount of projects coming up that are due and I keep putting them off! For no reason! Especially now that Drew's gone, I have no reason to get my homework done during the day anymore so I can spend time with Drew in the evening... I just wait till nighttime when I'm too tired and want to fall asleep!

I wish that I could be putting off my homework for a valid reason, like I'm too busy doing research about whales, or I'm too busy with meetings for this club I'm involved in, or I'm too busy gardening or I'm too busy getting in shape for a triathlon... but no, I'm too busy talking with friends or blogging or facebooking or going out to eat or making cookies or playing with my cats.  If I was a nerd, I would actually enjoy doing homework and projects and going to class... plus, during my free time I would actually be doing something useful for my brain... I am so incredibly frustrated with myself today. UGH!

And why did I even write this blog about how frustrated I am, instead of getting things done?!! Something is seriously wrong with me today...

yum yum! cooking!

I am trying very hard to become a good cook and learn all about cooking... my dream is to someday be one of those people who can just whip up an amazing meal really quickly with some random ingredients that are lying around the house. I am so far from that stage, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get there. I have failed at so many meals and for the meals that turn out delicious, it takes me ages to actually finish making it... I think its because I am the slowest chopper in the world. It seems like whenever Drew helps me make a meal, it turns out way better, and goes much faster... I guess because then I have two brains and four hands working on it, instead of my measly one brain and two hands...

 so these are my two favorite meals we have made recently...

obviously another delicious homemade pizza complete with our own special tomato sauce, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, garlic, basil and the magical ingredient: goat cheese... ohh my goodness, it was fabulous.

Second favorite meal... sweet potato gnocchi from the farmer's market in a brown butter sage sauce and asparagus on the side... simple and delightful!

These meals are absolutely to die for... I really hope and wish that I will be able to make dishes like these everyday without the slightest bit of confusion or frustration! Oh that will be the day! (and I have my doubts that this day will ever come)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Drew can fit into my clothes... I'm going to the gym.

So.... Drew attempted to dress as a hipster last week by wearing my clothes. I gave him some skinny jeans and a black V-neck T-shirt to put on (and unfortunately they fit him perfectly)... He had this silly bicycle hat that he put on and the whole look turned out to be more of a gay hipster outfit. It was hilarious, it didn't look right at all, there was something obviously off about the whole thing, probably the fact that Drew is so the opposite of a gay hipster that it just looked fake.

So the best part about the whole thing was that we went out in public with him dressed like this. It was soo funny because as we walked down the street we heard two hilarious comments... #1: a girl was walking by with her friends and said to them "oh my god, there are so many gay people out in Charleston tonight!".... #2: a grown man walked by and said to his wife "Times are changing...." just after passing Drew and I. Who knows what other kind of comments we didn't hear...

 Ohh jeez it was so hilarious, I can't believe I allowed him to do it but I got such a kick out of the whole experience. I really wondered what our waiter was thinking when we were eating dinner, part of me felt like he must have known it was a joke, because when you hear Drew talk, he's obviously not flamboyantly gay... at all. The waiter must have known that it was a joke or at least that something was a little off about him... and if he didn't, thats even funnier.

It was definitely one of the most hilarious and embarrassing experiences of my life... and the amount of enjoyment Drew got out of wearing my clothes really makes me wonder sometimes.... I'm not gonna lie. Drew??? Do you have something you need to tell me???

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We headed to the county fair!

We went to the county fair and ohhh how fun it was!!! I was being such a sourpuss on the drive there because we were in rush hour traffic and I was driving and Drew was navigating and I kept getting frustrated because I didn't know where to go and Drew kept telling me to switch lanes and I wanted to cry... buuutttt Drew was very patient, obviously, and talked me through it and calmed me down. Once we got there I was happy as a clam! (and then, of course, apologized profusely for being such an annoying, frustrated driver)

First thing we did when we got there was eat some yummy corn dogs (which I had not had in years). There was way more bread on them than I had remembered and I ended up peeling a lot of it off, but it was delicious!

We went on just three rides (due to our lack of funds)... I really wanted to go on some fun, exciting, fast, spinning rides but someone (I won't mention any names)... was being a little baby and only wanted to do the little kiddie rides, so I agreed to stick by his side. We did this mini roller coaster ride that went forward and then backward really fast, then we did the spinning swings and finally we had to go on the ferris wheel (which had the most amazing view).

We watched these adorable kids participate in a pizza making contest...

....and watched every kind of food possible get deep fried...

and we even tried a FRIED SNICKERS BAR!! never in my life did I think I would actually try one of these absolutely disgusting fried fair food products, but I thought why not?? It actually wasn't bad but just the thought of it grossed me out and I could only eat two bites... it looked like a corn dog with chocolate sauce on it.

Ohhh and the absolute strangest part of the whole experience... we decided to pay a dollar each to go look at "The World's Smallest Woman"... they said she was alive but I didn't actually think about how awkward it would be to go look at her. She was just sitting there, right in front of you, chewing on a toothpick, and all I could think was how guilty I felt for paying a dollar just to come look at her and see how short she was!!! Most awkward experience of my life, we got in and out as fast as we could. Although she was very very small, and it was pretty interesting, I felt a little bit weird the rest of the night.

I must say one of the most interesting and entertaining things about going to fairs is the people-watching. The most unique and diverse crowds go to fairs for some reason, and I absolutely love observing them... it really is a whole new world.

It was such a great way to spend Drew's second-to-last night in Charleston! He left for his new job in Atlanta today and I am so very very excited for him!!! However, I am equally just as sad that he won't be here with me anymore... :(

saddest day in a long time...

...but he promises to visit!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

we attempted to make our cats look cute...

We attempted to dress up the kitties for Halloween and it obviously didn't work out too well. I got an angel costume and a devil costume at the dollar store and they were terribly made and horribly cheap but we worked with what we had. We made Kiwi the angel and Binx the devil, purely for looks (we all know Kiwi's the devil). Kiwi just sat there in fear and anger. She doesn't move when she's angry, which is kind of convenient at times. Binx on the other hand, always lets you know if she doesn't like something... she wiggled and jiggled and rolled around trying to attack her costume. We couldn't even put the cape on her. It was pretty hilarious, though. I find it funny that our cats have completely opposite personalities and reactions.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

dressing up is fun to do

Ooohhh I cannot express how much I love Halloween! I always have an amazing time just dressing up and getting into costume. Just being able to walk up and down the streets of Charleston in costume and admiring everyone else's creative ensembles is just so ridiculously amusing. I had fun going to the bars and everything, but I would have been just as satisfied if we simply walked the streets of Charleston. I can't wait until I live in a real neighborhood and kids come trick-or-treating to my door.. because then I can get dressed up and not even have to go anywhere to see the creative, hilarious costumes! They'll come to me!

Soooo... Drew and I dressed up as zombie prom king and queen, and it was hilarious. I was kind of jealous because Drew got way more compliments on his costume than I did.... but oh well, I guess I don't mind. So we got some dressy clothes from goodwill for about $8 and then tore them up and put blood all over ourselves... so. much. fun... We had some other good costumes in my house, too. Claire was "the lady from the birds", it was so random and funny. She put a crow directly on top of her head and another one coming out of her ribs, and of course, put blood all over herself. Everyone who saw her was like, "dude, did you see that girl?! She has a crow on her head!" it was hilarious how amused everyone was with her costume! Shannon was minnie mouse, Meredith was a murdered housewife, Diana was a greek goddess and Allison was raggedy anne. Everyone's costume was so fun and creative!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Cupcake Halloween

Cupcake always gets super into the Halloween spirit each year. We decorate the store with bats, giant spiders and ghosts. And of course, we dress up in our costumes and decorate the cupcakes in spooky halloween icings and sprinkles!

we dressed as bloody zombies

made silly halloween cupcakes

and some spookyyy "blood velvets"

We always have too much fun working on Halloween. It was actually one of the slowest Saturdays we have had (no one is going to give their child more treats than they're already getting on Halloween), giving us more time to come up with some spooky halloween creations!

Pumpkin Carving!

We have been putting off this whole pumpkin carving thing as long as possible! Its so hard to coordinate our schedules in order to find some time to carve! SO Halloween night before going out we decided we had to carve our pumpkins.... as last minute as possible. We did it in a way I have never done before. Claire had a book of designs to put on pumpkins, so we each picked one and then traced over it so that you could see lines on the pumpkin and then carved over the lines. This approach is way more frustrating and annoying than the normal way of just drawing your own design and cutting it out, BUT the product is so much better... I can't decide which way I like more. But here they are... aren't they so professional?!

everyone's pumpkin

Drew's pumpkin

Claire's Pumpkin

My pumpkin