Thursday, August 27, 2009

My new house!

I moved into a new house about a month ago and I pretty much love it. I live with two fabulous roommates, Allison and Claire. As well as with two fabulous cats, Binx and Kiwi. My requirements for a house were 1. Good location 2.Lots of windows 3. a great porch and 4. hardwood floors (and of course, a reasonable rent). I got it all!!! It's a beautiful old downtown Charleston house. My old house was alright but it was carpeted, which made it feel yucky, the outside was nasty because only college kids live there and it had barely any windows... talk about feeling confined! Now I feel open and free. My cats do too! They love all the windows and we leave the door open a lot so they can look out the screen door and feel the outside air. Actually, in our old house my one cat, Kiwi, would pee on our beds all the time so she was banned from entering our rooms. Now, in our new home, she has not peed our beds once! I think that's a sign that she loves it here too!

Now, even though I love my new house there are definitely a few quirks. For instance, the fire alarm goes off all the time! Last night I was cooking dinner and I was preheating the oven, NOTHING WAS IN IT, and the fire alarm started going off!!! It has probably gone off 6 times since we have lived here and we haven't even cooked that much! Another thing, our washing machine flooded when we first started using it and instead of fixing it, our handyman just told us we can't go any higher than a medium load... I guess that means no procrastinating on my laundry anymore! Our kitchen is very hot and our refrigerator and dishwasher are way too small. Nonetheless, everything works out and we are managing more than okay here!

Of course, I have to mention my room. I love being in my room. It has three windows, a pretty good size closet and an handy dandy storage area. I have a great comforter on my bed, as you can see. I adore it. I especially love the lamp that sits next to my bed and of course, my lovely dresser. It's a very old dresser and the drawers are extremely hard to pull out and they make loud screeching noises whenever you do, but I love it! My dad calls it "a piece of crap" but I think it has a lot of character. He actually got it with some house he bought decades ago. But I like the way it looks and I enjoy thinking about all the weirdos who may have used it before me.


  1. aww i love your new house too! so glad the kitties love it and aren't peeing anymore!

  2. I have a crap old dresser from that same house.. it is jack henry's.