Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SUMMER 2009!

Oh summertime... how I miss you already. My summer was great this year. I wasn't so excited about it in the beginning because most of my fun adventurous friends were traveling abroad to places like Spain, Thailand, England and Italy!! JEALLOUSS! Here I was.. stuck in Charleston... working... alone. Luckily my few friends that were left and I made the most of it and partied like it was 1999! (not really, but kind of).

I don't know WHAT I would have done without my lovely little cupcake co-workers who kept me company during those long working days when the store was filled with chatty little tourists asking their curious little tourist questions. Where's a good place to eat? What should we do here in Charleston? How do you get to Hymans? Where's the best shopping around here? My ultimate favorite: "OH MY GOD WE WALKED 5 MILES JUST TO GET HERE!" and we ask, "Oh yeah? Where'd you walk from?".... "The market", they reply. AAAHH! The market is only a few blocks away! Silly tourists.. oh well, it's pretty entertaining, anyway.

When I wasn't working I was at the beach, of course, soaking up the sun. At night I was usually spending time at my favorite neighborhood bar, AC's. Only the best place in town. They have the cheapest drinks and ALWAYS have a good crowd. On the weekends however, it can get too crowded. So crowded that you can barley walk through and it takes about 15 minutes just to get a drink. Miserable.

I wish I could have gone home a little bit more than I did, but unfortunately, cupcakes were ruling my life. I went home in the beginning of the summer and rode the GREYHOUND! It was quite the experience, but luckily no one ever sat next to me and I slept the entire way (it was overnight). I was so lucky and fortunate to return to Charleston with a brand-new, black, Toyota Corolla!!! It's fabulous, I love it! AND it even has power locks and windows! (which I did not think my dad would be willing to include in the deal).

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  1. haha oh no! i didn't know you rode a greyhound home!! that is hilar, i can totally see you doing that...