Friday, October 16, 2009

We made our way into town.... pretty city of Asheville

The second day camping it rained all day long, so we decided to go visit Asheville for the day. We took a driving tour through the rain and parked on the street to walk around a bit. First stop, obviously, was the Mast General Store where Claire and I both spent almost $10 on candy alone... oops!

It was really miserable and rainy outside so we decided to stop at this cute little coffee shop, in disguise. I didn't even realize what it was! They have it set up in a double-decker bus from London! How they got it all the way over here, I have no idea. It was even adorable on the inside.

We found this cupcake store too! I didn't go inside, but I took a peak and in no way does it compare to our Cupcake in Charleston! Although, I'm sure they're very delicious...

So we ate lunch, which wasn't as good as our fire-cooked meals, of course... but it was nice to have someone else do the dishes! Then we headed to the Cinebarre in Asheville to catch a movie! It was waay cooler than the one we have here. We also stopped at the Dollar Tree and stocked up on random things... I got some cat costumes for Binx and Kiwi, Shannon and Drew got miniature tripods for their cameras and Claire got some paper towels and Fabreze... it's funny how random everything you buy is when you go to a dollar store!

And here are some really horrible tourist pictures that we couldn't resist taking...


  1. $10 worth of candy, i can't believe it...those pics really make me want another delicious spicy oregon chai (whatever that means) and more tourist poses always

  2. asheville looks so awesome! i've never been but always really wanted to. and i can't believe that coffee shop! also i'm APPALLED you didn't go in the cupcake shop!! weren't you curious?!

    looks sooo fun though, i want to go buy 20 dollars worth of candy right now!

  3. oregon chai is my favorite! i'm from oregon, but i didn't realize people drank it other places too.