Tuesday, October 27, 2009

scary movies thrill me


I don't know why I do it to myself.... but I have developed a love for scary movies. I used to hate them and literally would not be able to sleep after seeing one, but now I think I've seen so many that I don't have to be too scared to watch them.

I went to see The Stepfather last night, just to get into the scary halloween spirit. It was pretty terrifying and kept me on my toes for a long amount of time, but it wasn't the scariest of movies in the world... (although I did have to sleep with my lights on last night). When I was watching it I thought, "why did I do this to myself? Why? Why???" and "I just want it to be over, I just want it to be over"... but once it was over I felt so very relieved and scared at the same time. Scary movies are actually fun to watch because of the intense suspense... Call me crazy, but I just love them!


  1. i love scary movies too! i haven't seen this one yet, but i have been wanting too! we saw paranormal activity the other night? Oh my goodness we both were scared to get up to go to the bathroom that night!

  2. Ahhhhh sooo good. You probably should have written about our taco bell :)
    I enjoyed it while we watched it but then last night I got out of the shower and was terrified that some evil stepfather man was going to be standing around every corner

  3. you slept with your lights on????? how did i not see that?! wanna see paranormal activity soon? as in, right now?

  4. Yesss. tonight. I slept with my lights on too, sounds like you are the weird one Claire because you didn't. (and are braver than both of us)

  5. Remember when we watched the exorcism of emily rose
    -Aaron K-A