Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The amazing mountains (and TONS of beautiful pictures!)

Back from camping! It was absolutely amaaazing! We had such a great time resting, hiking, building fires, cooking and traveling into Asheville. We stayed at Lake Powhatan, a great little campground with friendly staff and great trails for hiking and mountain biking (to Drew's excitement). This place was fantastic. I love escaping to the woods for a chance to forget about all of your worries and just relax and  have fun. Absolutely amazing............... SOOO.... here's a picture journey of our trip!

Our car ride turned into a sunset highway cruise... it was beautiful.

When we got there, it was already dark, so we quickly set up the tents and Drew got straight to the fire. We had a great fire every morning and night and cooked the most amazing meals! They all had that yummy smokey barbecue kind of taste... mmmmm... We had hot dogs, potatoes, corn, pasta, baked beans and tacos for our delicious dinners. For breakfast we had eggs, bacon and pancakes. Nothing compares to a meal cooked over a hot, smokey fire. The only thing I hate about it is doing the dishes afterward... miserable.

We always enjoyed playing with the fire and whittling sticks.... and playing with drew's hatchet and machete.

We enjoyed hiking through the woods and finding small lakes and streams.


The colors of the leaves were absolutely AMAZING!

Drew went mountain biking and from what I hear it was "FREAKING AMAZING!"

We had SUCH a fun time in the woods despite the slight rain that we experienced. I love being in the mountains with my fabulous friends!


  1. OMG! I never thought camping could look so fun... but now I'm dying to go!!! It doesn't even look like any bugs or snakes attacked you. Tyler and I are coming next time if you can take us for that long... hahaha.

  2. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. love how our trip revolved around eating. I realized I have like 5 pictures of you cooking over the fire. miss it already!!

  3. That was such an amazing time. And yes the biking was really that good. I am so glad that we went camping.

  4. let's go back asap, please!! minus the dry shampoo....also, why are my arms and legs (and bottom in those sweat pants, remind me to never wear those again) looking so awkward in every single one of those photos????
    love itttt