Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Hauuntteed Corn Maze!!

Friday night I went to a haunted corn maze with Drew, Olivia and Tyler. It was such a blast! I found it to be terrifying and hilarious all at the same time. As we walked through the corn maze, zombies would creep out of the corn field and chase us down until we met the next one. It really kept you on your toes. The chain saw man really terrified me... I kept thinking to myself "they're not allowed to touch me, they're not allowed to touch me..." and even though I knew  it was fake, I was screaming and jumping all over the place! Olivia was seriously terrified, so much that she didn't even want to go in and closed her eyes the whole way through because she has a fear that someone may actually be hiding back there wanting to actually kill someone in the maze. Tyler was in his own world thinking about how beautiful the corn was that surrounded us and trying to pick some for himself, while Drew and I were in the back screaming and laughing hysterically as the zombies chased us and breathed down our necks.... I found all of our different reactions to be quite hilarious and I absolutely loved the excitement of it all! Afterwards we came out of the maze to find a bunch of adorable little 11  year olds dancing on stage to Miley Cyrus... it was probably the most relieving way to emerge from a haunted corn maze. What a night.... aahhh!


  1. hahahahahahahah oh my goodness i'm dying right now. i've been so preoccupied with how terrified i was, i didn't even realize how hilarious the entire situation was!!! omg that is so funny... tyler trying to pick corn ahhahaha.

  2. WOW girl, you are brave, just thinking about your experience makes me scared (as I'm a chicken s*#t for hunted houses and stuff like that), I'm glad you had a good time and lived to tell the story, LOL!!!

  3. haha, i came over from olivia's page! her and i are great blog friends :) sounds like a crazy experience! i love the part at the end about the little kids dancing to miley cyrus. that is awesome!