Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paranormal Activity... everywhere

So, I did it again... I dragged myself to yet another scary movie! This time it was probably about 15 times more terrifying. The movie is called Paranormal Activity. Movies about ghosts and demons probably scare me the most because if there is a ghost or demon in the house... there's nothing you can really do to protect yourself. Whereas if there is a robber or a murderer in the house, you could fight, escape or call 911. SOO the day I started thinking about this movie and went to see this movie, paranormal activity followed me everywhere....

First, before even going to see it I was watching a trailer for it online. RIGHT when the trailer stopped playing, my ceiling fan started making a crackling noise. I ignored it but then it got louder and suddenly my fan just completely stopped spinning... and continued to crackle... I was afraid something worse was going to happen, like it would fall onto my head or something, so I quickly turned it off and the crackling stopped. Later that day I told my roommate about it and she turned my fan back on and it WORKED... which is even creepier than if it had just stopped working altogether...

Second, that entire day my cat, Kiwi, was staring creepily at the blank wall in my room next to my bed with her ears bent backwards...  staring right below a picture of a cat I have hanging on my wall. Obviously, cats can see things that us humans can't and she was definitely seeing some paranormal activity going on that us humans  can't perceive. SO, you would think that after these two incidences I wouldn't go to the movie, BUT... I did it anyway.

Third, I saw the movie that night and I was terrified. On the car ride home from the movie my phone randomly turned off. Nothing was touching it. It was in the pocket in my North Face jacket and all of the sudden I felt it vibrate and turn off. I freaked out and turned it back on only to find a fully charged battery... what else could explain something like this besides paranormal activity??? nothing.

Fourth, I arrived home and went into my room to find that the drying rack that my clothes were hanging on was completely knocked over on the floor. On a normal day I would probably blame the cats, but considering all of the other creepy things that happened to me that day, I'd say it was most definitely, without a doubt... more paranormal activity.

SOO... the movie was terrifying and I was probably the most scared I've been since I saw the movie What Lies Beneath. I highly recommend it to all you scary movie lovers out there and I hope that paranormal activity doesn't follow you around like it did me that day.


  1. it was creepy huh?!? i am still scared because of it!

  2. hahahahah. isn't this the one carrie said even i wouldn't be scared of?! what was she talking about?!i haven't seen the full trailer or the movie, and lately i'm even freaking out at little sounds....

    p.s. can't wait for tonight wooooo!

  3. hahah omgggg scariest movie ever...let's see it again