Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cold Cold Weather....

Can you find Kiwi?? Isn't she cuuute?! My poor kitties have been freeezing this week because the heat in my house is not working! Our house says it is about 55 degrees inside... miserable. My roommates and I have been walking around in sweatshirts and sweatpants and covering ourselves with blankets nonstop. Binx has been Ms. Cuddly recently in order to get some body heat. Poor Kiwi hates cuddling, so she has to find other ways to get warm. I feel so bad for them (and myself) but hopefully it will work soon! Both Allison and Claire are sick and I'm doing my best to try to stay healthy in this chilly weather!

I was so excited that Drew's parents  came into town this weekend!  His mom and dad are even more adorable than I had imagined! We had a great dinner at Five Loaves and then headed to Kaminsky's for some dessert. His mom, so thoughtfully, gave me this lovely little kitty cat jar.... its so cute! I adore it. (she had heard I love cats)!


  1. love kiwi and love the cookie jar! I wish kiwi loved me back..

  2. awwwwww that jar is adorable!!!!!!! what a thoughtful gift!

    that's awful about your house! you must be miserable!! come hang out at my house!

  3. Shannon, stay well!!! stay warm!!!! call your landlord!!!!