Monday, November 2, 2009

A Cupcake Halloween

Cupcake always gets super into the Halloween spirit each year. We decorate the store with bats, giant spiders and ghosts. And of course, we dress up in our costumes and decorate the cupcakes in spooky halloween icings and sprinkles!

we dressed as bloody zombies

made silly halloween cupcakes

and some spookyyy "blood velvets"

We always have too much fun working on Halloween. It was actually one of the slowest Saturdays we have had (no one is going to give their child more treats than they're already getting on Halloween), giving us more time to come up with some spooky halloween creations!


  1. mmm those cupcakes look awesome! your job sounds like soo much fun :)

  2. aww so fun!! i wanna see the prom queen and king!!