Monday, November 23, 2009

My overachieving big sister...

So you know how I was saying my sisters are overachievers??? WELL, my very ambitious, goal-oriented sister has set the most amazing and daring goal for herself. She has decided to run a 26.2 mile marathon to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. How awesome is that?? She has also set a goal to raise $5,000 for blood cancer patients before the race in April. It gets even better.... get this..... the marathon that she's training for is going to be held in Paris!!! I am so jealous! She just started training with a team in Atlanta, a mix of beginners and experts, so it should be an interesting and exciting experience for her. I'm so jealous that she has the motivation to do something so amazing and cool and for such a good cause!!! I'm going to make her force me to go running when I go home for break and I am probably going to slow her down on her training process, haha, oh well! So she's just getting started on everything, but if you are interested in donating to my fabulous sister's cause, visit her new little blog here and help her reach her amazing goal!!! She'd really appreciate anything she can get! Even 5 measly little dollars, it will go a long way! Plus, I would love you forever :)

{I also discovered that making important words bigger is amazingly fun and dramatic}


  1. Thanks Shannon! I can't wait for our run when you get home. I think we should run on Thanksgiving so that we can eat as much as we want. See you soon!

  2. wow! that is way cool of your sis! i wish i did good things like that that made the world a better place! unfortunately i feel that i sometimes do just the opposite. oh well! your sister seems amazing and i think that is soo awesome what she is doing! i like the important words big too :)

  3. aaah your sister is amazing. maybe we should start training? could we do it? is it possible?? i'm so inspired!