Wednesday, November 4, 2009

we attempted to make our cats look cute...

We attempted to dress up the kitties for Halloween and it obviously didn't work out too well. I got an angel costume and a devil costume at the dollar store and they were terribly made and horribly cheap but we worked with what we had. We made Kiwi the angel and Binx the devil, purely for looks (we all know Kiwi's the devil). Kiwi just sat there in fear and anger. She doesn't move when she's angry, which is kind of convenient at times. Binx on the other hand, always lets you know if she doesn't like something... she wiggled and jiggled and rolled around trying to attack her costume. We couldn't even put the cape on her. It was pretty hilarious, though. I find it funny that our cats have completely opposite personalities and reactions.


  1. now you made me go post on facebook again. Check out RUDY THE ROOSTER.

  2. hahah LOVE the one of binx trying to bite it...and you can def. tell that kiwi's thinking about killing us while we're asleep