Monday, November 9, 2009

Drew can fit into my clothes... I'm going to the gym.

So.... Drew attempted to dress as a hipster last week by wearing my clothes. I gave him some skinny jeans and a black V-neck T-shirt to put on (and unfortunately they fit him perfectly)... He had this silly bicycle hat that he put on and the whole look turned out to be more of a gay hipster outfit. It was hilarious, it didn't look right at all, there was something obviously off about the whole thing, probably the fact that Drew is so the opposite of a gay hipster that it just looked fake.

So the best part about the whole thing was that we went out in public with him dressed like this. It was soo funny because as we walked down the street we heard two hilarious comments... #1: a girl was walking by with her friends and said to them "oh my god, there are so many gay people out in Charleston tonight!".... #2: a grown man walked by and said to his wife "Times are changing...." just after passing Drew and I. Who knows what other kind of comments we didn't hear...

 Ohh jeez it was so hilarious, I can't believe I allowed him to do it but I got such a kick out of the whole experience. I really wondered what our waiter was thinking when we were eating dinner, part of me felt like he must have known it was a joke, because when you hear Drew talk, he's obviously not flamboyantly gay... at all. The waiter must have known that it was a joke or at least that something was a little off about him... and if he didn't, thats even funnier.

It was definitely one of the most hilarious and embarrassing experiences of my life... and the amount of enjoyment Drew got out of wearing my clothes really makes me wonder sometimes.... I'm not gonna lie. Drew??? Do you have something you need to tell me???


  1. hahahhahah omg are you kidding me??? when did you guys do this?? i can't believe he actually went out ilke that!! amazing!!!

  2. A real man can get in touch with his feminine side. Good for Drew!