Tuesday, November 10, 2009

yum yum! cooking!

I am trying very hard to become a good cook and learn all about cooking... my dream is to someday be one of those people who can just whip up an amazing meal really quickly with some random ingredients that are lying around the house. I am so far from that stage, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get there. I have failed at so many meals and for the meals that turn out delicious, it takes me ages to actually finish making it... I think its because I am the slowest chopper in the world. It seems like whenever Drew helps me make a meal, it turns out way better, and goes much faster... I guess because then I have two brains and four hands working on it, instead of my measly one brain and two hands...

 so these are my two favorite meals we have made recently...

obviously another delicious homemade pizza complete with our own special tomato sauce, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, garlic, basil and the magical ingredient: goat cheese... ohh my goodness, it was fabulous.

Second favorite meal... sweet potato gnocchi from the farmer's market in a brown butter sage sauce and asparagus on the side... simple and delightful!

These meals are absolutely to die for... I really hope and wish that I will be able to make dishes like these everyday without the slightest bit of confusion or frustration! Oh that will be the day! (and I have my doubts that this day will ever come)


  1. ahhh those both look amazing. i wish i could be like that. i just throw frozen pizza in the oven. and actually sean did it last night. i openeded the box though. does that count for anything? anyway, i have faith in ya! you are already a lot farther along on that path than i am!

  2. yumm!! both look SOO good!! you are a little chef shannon!

  3. Hopefully you'll take after your big sister and not your mother in the cooking department!