Sunday, November 8, 2009

We headed to the county fair!

We went to the county fair and ohhh how fun it was!!! I was being such a sourpuss on the drive there because we were in rush hour traffic and I was driving and Drew was navigating and I kept getting frustrated because I didn't know where to go and Drew kept telling me to switch lanes and I wanted to cry... buuutttt Drew was very patient, obviously, and talked me through it and calmed me down. Once we got there I was happy as a clam! (and then, of course, apologized profusely for being such an annoying, frustrated driver)

First thing we did when we got there was eat some yummy corn dogs (which I had not had in years). There was way more bread on them than I had remembered and I ended up peeling a lot of it off, but it was delicious!

We went on just three rides (due to our lack of funds)... I really wanted to go on some fun, exciting, fast, spinning rides but someone (I won't mention any names)... was being a little baby and only wanted to do the little kiddie rides, so I agreed to stick by his side. We did this mini roller coaster ride that went forward and then backward really fast, then we did the spinning swings and finally we had to go on the ferris wheel (which had the most amazing view).

We watched these adorable kids participate in a pizza making contest...

....and watched every kind of food possible get deep fried...

and we even tried a FRIED SNICKERS BAR!! never in my life did I think I would actually try one of these absolutely disgusting fried fair food products, but I thought why not?? It actually wasn't bad but just the thought of it grossed me out and I could only eat two bites... it looked like a corn dog with chocolate sauce on it.

Ohhh and the absolute strangest part of the whole experience... we decided to pay a dollar each to go look at "The World's Smallest Woman"... they said she was alive but I didn't actually think about how awkward it would be to go look at her. She was just sitting there, right in front of you, chewing on a toothpick, and all I could think was how guilty I felt for paying a dollar just to come look at her and see how short she was!!! Most awkward experience of my life, we got in and out as fast as we could. Although she was very very small, and it was pretty interesting, I felt a little bit weird the rest of the night.

I must say one of the most interesting and entertaining things about going to fairs is the people-watching. The most unique and diverse crowds go to fairs for some reason, and I absolutely love observing them... it really is a whole new world.

It was such a great way to spend Drew's second-to-last night in Charleston! He left for his new job in Atlanta today and I am so very very excited for him!!! However, I am equally just as sad that he won't be here with me anymore... :(

saddest day in a long time...

...but he promises to visit!


  1. aww you guys are so cute! you are funny :) i love that he didn't want to go on the big rides! haha. that corn dog looks so good. and I have always wanted to try a deep fried candy bar. i am sure it would make me soo sick though! that fair really looks neat though. how small was the smallest woman? anyway, i am sorry he is leaving! that is good that he promises to visit though :)

  2. Job in ATL! maybe I can meet him now :)
    OH, and did I ever tell you how me and my friends went to the fair in college and saw the world's smallest woman too??? I actually refused to go in. But they all got creeped out and we had to leave, Just like you! Is she really like 18 inches tall? How tall is she?

  3. she's about two feet tall.... ridiculously small... and she was fat, so it made it even weirder.

  4. that is the size of a newborn baby. How much do you think she weighed?? Are you coming home for thanksgiving??

  5. awww shannon your blog makes me so ridiculously happy!! and sad because drew left... can't wait till his first visit! gingerbread house party!

  6. When I went to the fair they advertised siamese twins and had a great picture (cartoon of course) of 2 cute and chubby kids stuck together. When we went in they had a fetus of siamese twins in formaldehide! Yuck!

  7. so....first of all....a county fair in november???? that's so awesome i don't even know where to start. i live in oregon and we don't have fairs past august cause it's too cold. this is extra sad because i am really craving a corn dog now after seeing yours.

    you guys are super cute!