Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is here!

Christmas is finally here! Yippee! This is the first day that it actually feels like that time of year!
I have had such a great time with my family and friends here in Atlanta. I get to spend time with my old friends from high school, who are and always will be my very best friends in the whole world. Plus, Drew lives only 30 minutes away so he has been able to visit me here and I have been able to visit him there... how convenient!

Every time I come back from college I remember how much I absolutely love living in Atlanta, and I fall in love with it more and more every time. Even though Charleston is amazing and beautiful and so much fun, I think my heart will always belong to Atlanta. Its so diverse and culturally-rich and has a little bit of every kind of person and place... Plus, its in the south, where its warm! And... my whole family lives here.... can't beat that.

So now it's Christmas..... and we are going to sit in our living room, which is only used once a year, and admire our wonderfully decorated $25.00 tree while we open up the presents that were placed there yesterday.... (at least I'm not the only procrastinator in my family)

My sisters and I are cooking dinner today, so hopefully it goes well! AAHHH! I'm nervous!
Here's our menu:
Artichoke dip as an appetizer
Honey Baked ham
scalloped potatoes
green beans
butternut squash
a delicious salad (with goat cheese, of course)
crescent rolls
cosmos as our signature cocktail
and... spice cake with a cinnamon cream cheese icing for dessert

ummmm.... YYUUUMMMM!!!  I love Christmas!


  1. aww your christmas sounds awesome! i am glad you are enjoying atlanta! i hope your dinner went well! sounds amazing!!

  2. glad you're getting lots of drew time/family time! hope you had a lovely christmas!

  3. YUMMM goat cheese and artichoke dip, my favesss

  4. It sounds like your Christmas was lovely! I hope you have a Happy New Year!