Friday, December 4, 2009

Yeah, so I've been MIA, oopss!

So yes, I have been MIA the past two weeks and its because of a lot of things... first, Thanksgiving break I was busy busy spending time with my family, playing with my nephew, cooking, baking, seeing the Blindside, seeing my cousins, hanging out with Drew, going to the aquarium, attending a comedy show, spending time with my sisters and of course, working on just a little bit of homework. My Thanksgiving break was wonderful!

BUT THEN.... it became one of those weeks when everything goes wrong.... on my way back to Charleston someone crashed into my car, which then made me collide into the car in front of me. Everyone was okay but obviously it was terrifying and after recovering for an hour waiting for the police, I had to continue to drive 100 miles to Charleston with my car falling apart, cracking and creaking. I pulled off on an exit and lucky me, some really nice man stopped and helped me out by bungee cording my bumper on and tying up my trunk so it would stay closed. I was calling my parents and Drew about a million times to ask their opinion about my car, the wreck, what I should do, what they think is going to happen, etc, etc.... I don't know what I would have done if my friend, Alison, wasn't there with me to help me out the whole time. Thank goodness, or else I would have been balling crying and probably call a tow truck home.

So.... after this fiasco, my week was completely out of control. Well, it started out fine because my roommate had a birthday so we had some fun celebrating just a bit on Monday night...

 but then..... due to my bad decision to go out on Monday, I had to pull an almost-all nighter doing homework and studying on Tuesday night. I had so many projects this week and being the procrastinator I am, I got nothing done ahead of time and saved it till the last minute. Even after getting just two hours of sleep Tuesday night, I still was not ready at all for my final exam on Wednesday because I was working on other important projects for that day, and I had to work Wednesday before class, so, you know.... I was screwed...

THEN... I woke up that morning to my street being flooded by a huge monsoon. You know how last time I was raving about it and said that as long as my car and house were safe that I thoroughly enjoy having a river as a street??? Well, I have completely changed my mind... well, only because my car wasn't safe this time and got flooded with rainwater and I was forced to walk through it. The rain was literally up to my thighs when I walked through it and you don't even want to know what kind of gross things I saw floating in the water while I walked down the 'street' to go to work.... well, stop reading if you think you might throw up because I'm going to tell you anyway... I saw beer cans, cigarette butts, dog poop, a used tampon, a container of chewing tobacco and not to mention, trash cans were floating around in the street along with trash bags full of trash.... can you say EEWWW EEEWWW EEEWWW EEWWWW EWWWWW!!!!!! I never even thought about all that nassssttyyyyy stuff last time it flooded. The grossest thing is I had to go straight to work after walking through that. UGGHH GROOSSSS! So while I was at work, my car was filled with about three inches of water on the floor, just sitting there, with no one to take care of it. I don't think I could even count the number of times I called Drew crying on this day... oh I was so worried. My poor car has been through so much....

So... to continue my ranting and raving... I'm sitting at work yesterday, not prepared to take my final exam, not ready to turn in my paper for that same class and my car is flooded.... I leave work to go directly to my class so that I can fail my exam and not turn in my paper....... when suddenly, I hear that CLASSES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!! ohhh myy goodness.... the man above has completely saved my buttocks... after all the terrible, horrible things that have happened, I still get to be the luckiest person alive. Oh yeah, I also got a parking ticket that day, because I moved my car, and in my frantic mode of being an hour late to work due to the flood... I of course forgot to pay the meter.

So, my engine didn't get ruined (thank goodness), but I spent a long time in the parking garage looking like a silly person soaking up the water on my floor with an uncountable amount of towels.... ohh jeez. So today, not to complain even more (except I just can't help it), I spent all day working on this other project due today, (that I had all semester to work on...oops) and I turned it in at about 6:00 p.m., JUST in the nick of time! My teacher just happened to still be there, even after the doors to the education building were locked. HOW LUCKY AM I?!! She just laughed at my frantic state when I turned it in... HA!

Soo... to conclude my long ranting and raving about my past week, I have realized that even though all of these unlucky, annoying things have been happening to me (and I will admit, the school stuff is my own fault), I still happen to be incredibly lucky through it all.
In my car accident: I wasn't hurt, it wasn't my fault and the other person's insurance is paying for everything (plus that man helped me mend my car for the drive back, oh, and alison was there to keep me sane)...
In the flood: my engine still works, I have been able to dry out my car with a wet vac and even though it was an annoying, horrible hassle, and I thought my car would turn into a big lump of mildew, everything is going to be fine....
Final exam: the storm just happened to cancel my class!!!!...
Project: my teacher just happened to still be in her office at 6:00 p.m on a Thursday!!!! WHO AM I??? and why is everything going so wrong yet so right all at the same time??
OH yeah, and the stuff I DID manage to turn in just in time this week... I am such an absolutely and unbelievably lucky duck.

Amazing. Just Amazing... Whew.


  1. HAHAHA that picture at the end is ridiculous!! and that rainy day was the grossest and most stressful day i've had a loooong time.
    glad everything turned out well for you :)

  2. omg that is all ridiculous!! i really hope you were wearing rainboots on that walk to work.... i seriously can't believe your week though, you are SO lucky!!!!! at least it's all over soon and it's christmas break! when's drew coming back so we can have our gingerbread house party?

  3. You are one lucky gal! Except for the car accident and flooding and stuff :)

  4. wow! i cannot believe that all that stuff happened! i am so sorry! i am glad you weren't hurt though and i am really glad you are back because i was beginning to wonder where you were! i cannot believe all of that happened! i would be a mess..seriously, you are my hero for coming through this alive! i am glad drew was there to console you over the phone :) i hope that you have a better weekend! you are amazing!

  5. BOO HISS on such a bad week. love the kitty pic though! did you see the video on facebook I posted on your wall. You will love it!!

  6. oh my gosh! what a nightmare! i'm glad you were able to stop and see some light at the end of the tunnel though. i'm not sure i would've been so optimistic. glad you had a great thanksgiving though and SUPER glad you're back from hiatus :).

    hope you have a better weekend!

  7. I can't believe you are able to think you are lucky right now... I know I would be negative nancy if I had a week like that.

    But I guess you are right. You are safe (the most important thing). And hopefully things will start turning around for you. I also love the cat picture at the end... it is so fitting.

  8. Hahaha I bet she did laugh at you all frantic... how did you even get into ed?

  9. So glad your attitude is good. Someone said, we're not thankful because we are happy, we are happy because we are thankful. And I'm thankful you are ok!!!!
    Love you lots, and hang in there, and hopefully you will take your car in today!!!

  10. I'm so glad your week is now over. That is by far the best pic of Binx ever, I love it.