Saturday, December 5, 2009

I got fat and I don't care, because I love Thanksgiving!

I love to stuff myself full on Thanksgiving! I always get a bit of everything and then mix it together and eat it. Yuumm. My uncle makes the best turkey in the whoooollleee world. It is always so delicious!

I made the croissant rolls... because they're pretty much impossible to mess up!

Rita made lots of delicious dishes including an amazing salad with goat cheese and a balsamic mint dressing... oh it was fantastic!

My mom made the most delicious stuffing in the world....

Our dining room table was so pretty and festive for the holiday!

And my favorite part of the whole day, was finding out that my sister trained her baby, Jack Henry, to make this face whenever you say, "funnyy facce!!!" It was soooo adorable and hilarious.

We also went to see the Blindside, and I highly recommend it! How I looooovvvve Thanksgiving!


  1. glad you had a great thanksgiving lovely girl ♥.

  2. awwww I LOVE jack henry's funny face. sooooooooo cute.

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  4. hahahha let's try this again: this makes me want turkey and a baby...

  5. haha, i love his face! so cute! that dinner looks so amazing. good job on the rolls, i totally believe those can be messed up so i am incredibly impressed :) the blind side was awesome huh! i loved it!!

  6. That funny face is awesome! I totally need to teach my future children to do rad things like that!