Friday, December 11, 2009

The world is against me...

Sooo... I was driving back from my very last final of the semester. I was thinking, ohh my life is back together! I have a rental car, my other car is getting fixed and my last final is OVER!! Ohh joy! Then.... all of the sudden....I get hit... hard. WWHHAAATTT???!?!!!! I couldn't believe it, what is my luck???!!! This time I wasn't even scared and shaken up like last week, I was just pissed off and annoyed.... but then I calmed down pretty much right away and thought, well, everything will work out. Once again, I'm just glad everyone was safe. One car was totaled and the other had to get towed away. Luckily, I was the one with the least damage and could drive away safely. It's okay, though... accidents happen, right? And sometimes bad things always happen all at once, so hopefully, this is the last bad thing for awhile. I can always hope!


  1. oh man!! are you serious? wow, i can't believe that happened.. i bet you have some good luck coming your way soon, because you survived all that bad luck!! you are awesome! i am so glad you are okay!

  2. you have good karma---everything will turn around!!

  3. What bad luck! I am so sorry... I can't believe that happened to you.

    Things will turn around I think... It's almost Christmas after all :)