Monday, December 14, 2009

Semester Officially OVER! and a Charleston Christmas Parade!

Okay... finals are done, car stuff is taken care of, house is clean and I can finally sit back, relax and have literally nothing to worry about. That is until next semester. This is the first time I have actually been able to sit at my desk on my computer... That is terrible, I know. I basically use my desk as a place to store binders, books, papers, bills, etc... during the semester. Where do I do my school work? In my bed and on the couch.... so pathetic, I know, but oh well!

Last week, while I was winding down from school, Olivia and I were in Charleston's Christmas Parade! I was actually a little worried about it beforehand. We went with Cupcake of course, and I was in it because no one else would volunteer and I told Olivia I wouldn't do it unless she did too! It turned out to be an absolute blast! Co-worker, Noodle, and I ran beside the cupcake cars and handed out candy, gift tokens and coupons the entire time. It was so hilarious! I would get so far behind the cars that I had to run full speed to catch up. I looked like such a goon... but so did Noodle. Olivia decided she would just sit in the back of the Cupcake station wagon and wave to the crowd instead of running around... smart decision. I was so tired afterward!

So I was literally dressed as a pink ball of fur... and I ran around like a crazy person. People were yelling at me from all directions to give them candy! It was a little stressful but absolutely fantastic at the same time. Drew's parents were in town that weekend (what great timing...). Lucky them, they got to see me look like a goon and take embarrassing pictures to send Drew... fabulous... but I was so excited to see familiar faces on the sideline! It made my day.

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HAHAHA that last picture gets me every time!!

  2. HHAHAHA. ME TOO! This made me crack up!!! That really turned out to be so much fun- so glad you coaxed me into it!!

    And also, as I'm reading this, I am sprawled out on the couch with millions of papers around me while my desk is too covered in books to even see. BLAH! But after tomorrow I'm done too!! Can we please celebrate together?

  3. the boa and pink hat are lovely. you pulled it off with style :).

  4. I think "goon shannon" is one of my favorite shannons :)