Thursday, December 10, 2009

I can cook! (some things)

While I was home I took advantage of my parents spacious kitchen, their various appliances and the abundant amount of ingredients to make some awesome, delicious food. First, I cooked this butternut squash lasagna that olivia made for one of our dinner parties a few months ago. I messed up during the process of making it, of course, but it still ended up tasting great! Good thing!

And for dessert... I continued to cook some amazing. delicious. mouth watering. pumpkin chocolate cookies. I have to say, I cooked them perfectly, but the batter was for sure, without a doubt, my favorite part. Seriously, best cookies ever. And they're really not hard to make at all!

Can't wait to go home for Christmas break so I can cook even more! It makes a world of a difference when you can actually chop vegetables on top of a counter, instead of a washer and dryer... like in my miserably cramped kitchen here in Charleston....


  1. Drool! Those both sound sooooo yummy!

  2. awwww shannnn what a CHEF! your lasagna looks way better than mine- remember how it was sticking to the pan? ah lets make that again sometime now i'm craving it!

  3. all of that stuff looks so good! you and olivia are cooking fiends!! i love it.

  4. that looks yummy!

    pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

    hope you have fun cooking up a storm during christmas :).

  5. hahaha i HATE chopping on top of the washer...miserable. don't you just love our parent's real grown-up kitchens??

  6. I can't wait until you get home!!!! The house is so bare. I haven't even pulled out the Christmas stuff yet.

    Drive carefully and when are we going to see pictures of your banged up car? I thought for sure you'd blog about that already.