Monday, September 21, 2009

A beautiful setting for a fabulous party with the most amazing people

My manager, Sarah, threw an amazing birthday party for herself and our co-worker, Noodle, this weekend. The setting was gorgeous. She had these fabulous orange-red lights surrounding the yard outside, a beautiful table with all kinds of food and a little white tent for Noodle's band, "The V-Tones", to play under. The theme of the party was to dress as your favorite astrological sign. My friends and I were slackers and couldn't get costumes together in time, unfortunately, but we still had a great time and I loved the costumes everyone else put together, especially Sarah's! She made her own costume  by hand and dressed as a matador for the sign of a Taurus (my sign!)

Noodle's band was amazing, and they are quite the entertainers! They are full of jokes and engage in funny conversations between songs. I wish I had a recording of their performance to share. His wife even did an amazing tap dance performance during one of their songs! You can tell how much they enjoy playing their music by the smiles that never left their faces.

The V-Tones (Noodle is in the back and his wife is the adorable woman in front with pigtails):

And then there's Olivia and I, costume-less, relaxing and enjoying the fabulous music by the V-Tones, while we admire the crazy dancers prancing around in their costumes.

It was an unforgettable night of fun and laughter. I loved every minute of it!


  1. That was a great time. Sarah really knows how to throw a great party and V-Tones created some truly unforgettable music.

  2. awwww so so so much fun. glad you did a post about it! lovin sarah's stash.