Wednesday, September 23, 2009

late night bicycle rides....

Late night bike rides with friends are the most fun in the world. My friend, also named Shannon, recently got a new bicycle from the bike auction at school. She was so excited to ride it so we got a little crew together to explore the town of Charleston on our lovely little bikes. The bike ride included a stop at Fresh Berry to eat some frozen yogurt, a long exploration down King Street, bicycling in circle formation to create an intimidating vibe for onlookers,  horrible experiences riding on cobblestone, a detour to the Battery to enjoy a fresh breeze by the ocean, listening to our echos on the echo rock, stargazing on the dock at waterfront park, a stop at Harris Teeter and a bloody toe. We had a fabulous night relaxing and exploring the beautiful Charleston night.


Late-night Fresh Berry!


The view


  1. awww such cute pictures. love that last one. i wanna come next time!

  2. Your dad would be pleased. Where's your helmet?

  3. Such a fun night! Glad you kept that pic even though I felt like a creep taking it.. good thing you cropped it
    Our gang circles def gave out an "intimidating vibe"

  4. wonder what kind of intimidating vibe our bicycle circles provided to the onlookers?
    loooooooved it, let's do it again soon

  5. aww how cute! bicycle circle eh? what does that look like? moving road block perhaps?

  6. Shannon,

    Please a helment ,rear flashing light and front light.

    It is great to see you out there.


  7. (Olivia's mom)agrees with Pat! Great pictures, Shannon!!