Monday, September 14, 2009

Breakfast... best time of day

I used to hate breakfast food. I would usually skip breakfast or just eat some cereal real fast in the morning. My family and I would stop at Waffle House while we were on a road trip and I would order lunch food. Who orders lunch food at a Waffle House??!! A younger version of me does, I guess.

Now, at this time in my life, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love breakfast and everything about it. I love going out to eat for breakfast and I love making my own breakfast, depending on my mood and food supplies at the time. Usually my breakfast will consist of some type of breakfast sandwich. I like to make an egg and put it on a croissant or english muffin, along with some pepper jack cheese and bacon. As well as a lovely side of fresh fruit! (as pictured above). If I'm not in the cooking mood, a bagel and cream cheese will satisfy me any day, any time... ohhhh man I LOVE me some bagel and cream cheese.

When I go out for breakfast I go to one of my two all time favorite places to eat... Bull Street Gourmet (just two blocks from my house!) or Charleston Tea Company (just two blocks from Cupcake!). Except Saturday mornings when I don't have to work, we will go to the farmer's market at Marion Square and eat some delicious crepes while we sit in the shade under a tree.  Oh yummy yummy yummy.

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  1. breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. i usually eat yogurt for lunch and eggs for dinner. ha! you are QUITE the cook!!!!! last night was amazing!