Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet Jack Henry!

Jack Henry is my nephew. He's the cutest, funniest, most adorable baby I have ever met, and I'm pretty sure I'm not just saying that because I'm related to him. He was born August 15, 2008. I recently went to his charming little 1st birthday party. He threw us all a pool party! I was sad to find out that he doesn't know who I am and is a wee bit scared of me, but I tried my best to be his friend. He will soon learn that I am his favorite Aunt Shannon!

Jack Henry only 1 day old! (I flew home just to see him!)

Jack Henry in his spiffy wedding attire

A little Halloween pumpkin

Haha who knows?? his mom thought this would be funny....

Wishing me a happy 21st! (not that he knew it)

He can even drive the boat now!
yum yum cake! on his first birthday!

The whole family! He thought he'd give dad a little cake too!

He's a fabulous baby and very happy all the time. He's great! I looove him sooo much! There's some really really funny videos of him too! Click on these links to watch them.


  1. awwwww!!! omg I could not believe that picture of him as one-day-old was real... he looks TINIER than a doll... and your sister is so pretty! gosh I really want to meet JH.

  2. i love this post. love love love it!

  3. Awwwwwww so precious! I love him and want to meet him! Those videos are hilarious... he really reallllllly did not like that goat