Monday, September 14, 2009

Praxis... YIKES

I had to take the Praxis exam on Saturday, which is the test you have to pass in order to get your teacher certification. It was terrible. I hate standardized testing more than anything in the world. I get really worked up about it and think about the amount of time I have left to finish and then I can't concentrate on the questions and then I worry about not getting every one right and then I freak out some more. I tried my best to just go with it and not think about the time factor much, but its easier said than done. This was only one of the tests I have to take. Some people take them both on the same day but I thought I would do my self a favor and split them up. I'm not about to put myself through four straight hours of standardized testing... ew... SOO, I have to take another one in a month and I won't find out if I passed this one for about a month. But we'll see! aaahh!

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