Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pizza Pizza

The majority of my blogs will most likely be about food. I am in love with food and my life pretty much revolves around it... I haven't even started talking about my favorite restaurants! But last night Drew and I decided to make some DELICIOUS homemade pizza while we drank some fabulous $8 Italian wine. We made our own dough and everything, which turned out to be a lot easier than I thought! We put peperoni, mushrooms and basil on top.. yuuummmyyy! Here's drew making the dough! He's a pretty good dough kneader, better than me!

While we were making it, we had a little help from our lovely friend, Binx.

And somehow, Drew and Binx got covered with flour... Who could have done that?!?!

But what's the fun of cooking, if your not going to make a mess, right??

Here's our final product! I wish I could share it with everyone because MAAANN it was GOOD!


  1. awww!!! this is adorable!!!!!!! i just bought some homemade whole wheat pizza crust from the farmers market, we should have pizza making/cheap wine party sooon!

  2. that looks good! how did you make the dough?

  3. Binx is just like Sammy! Only we don't let Sammy on the counter.

  4. oh man, it's really easy! I used the recipe from cooking light. It's just flour, yeast, water, some honey and a little salt. Easy peasy! and mom... i knew you would say something about binx on the counter, hahaha!

  5. give that to me noooowwww! yumm!