Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harmony and Balance

I took a wellness assessment in my health class today in order to evaluate myself in the five dimensions of life: physical, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. In the end, I wasn't surprised by my results. My highest was a tie between the social and emotional categories and my lowest was the spiritual category. A person with a care for their well-being should strive to make the appropriate changes that are conducive to overall health and happiness. A person will reach harmony and balance once each of the dimensions are at optimum level. The motivating factor is that these transformations will help a person live life to their highest potential.

Looking at the assessment, it seems almost impossible to have each dimension at optimum level. However, I'm going to keep this assessment to remind myself to attempt to improve each aspect every day. I really don't see myself reaching the optimum levels any time soon, but maybe one day if I keep working on it, I will. I'd like to think so, anyway.
[picture taken in Costa Rica, 2007]

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