Saturday, September 19, 2009

Game nights are fabulous nights

Game nights are always the most fun in the world. I've been having quite a lot of game nights in the past couple of weeks. My roommates and I have been in to Apples to Apples and I recently bought Cranium, which is always a blast.

Last night we had game night in Tyler's adorable apartment after an amazing dinner at Five Loaves, one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the entire world. We played Cranium, boys against girls. Tyler and Drew preferred the data head and word worm cards, Olivia and I preferred the creative cat and star performer cards. They're the nerds, we're the creative ones. Anyway, the boys won and the girls lost, but it was a close one! And it got a bit competitive near the end...

Here are some lovely pictures from some other game nights (didn't take pics last night, oops)... mainly Apples to Apples and Bop-it Extreme... so intense (Claire gets pretty competitive.. but only if she's winning! haha)


  1. soooo cute!!! wish we had pics from the other night but its okay because we're doing it again soon.

    you guys are my absolute favorite people in the world and i had SO much fun tonight. and last night. love you both!

  2. I agree that was a very fun evening. Shantron and her games.

  3. cranium's a lot more fun than i remembered it being, probably because i won! i'm just sayin'...

    but seriously, let's play again soon please!