Monday, September 7, 2009

Flowers make me happy.

Today I bought plants and flowers to put in my house. I love them very much. I found some great hanging plants to put on my front porch! Most of my neighbors have them so I figured I didn't want to have the bland, ugly house on the street. They add so much to the house and makes it feel much more homey.

I found some Lucky Bamboo to bring energy and Feng Shui to my room. It makes me happy to look at it sitting on my desk in front of the window and it gives me a feeling of comfort.

I also brought home a beautiful Phalaeonopsis Orchid (no idea how to pronounce that). It is simple, yet elegant. The orchid brings a delicate and striking touch to my room that makes me feel calm and relaxed. It sits on my mantel next to the beautiful painting I bought in Greece.

I was going to stop there, but on the way out of the garden section at Lowe's I  couldn't help but notice this adorable little cactus sitting there. It's called a Red Headed Irishman, which fits it well. Its so tiny and cute that I can't find a place to put it where it doesn't look slightly awkward. But that fits me, because I'm a slightly awkward person. Right now its sitting on the mantel in the living room but I'll probably end up moving it around everyday.

I love these new additions to my house. It makes me feel a little more at home.


  1. you look SO pretty, and i really want to come over and see your flowers!!

  2. Orchids are really hard to keep alive... but enjoy... the other ones should be easy