Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer is gone...

I have been dreading Fall all Summer long and basically crying everyday because I want to continue to go swimming, spend time at the lake, go to braves games with my favorite friend, AARON!, eat summer fruit, wear summer dresses and be TAN! But I have finally come to the conclusion that complaining about Fall coming and Summer ending is just not the right way to go about things... I am looking at the positive side and realizing all of the fun and joyful aspects of Fall.

I would say that I am excited about all of the beautiful leaves changing into colors of yellow, orange and red, but that doesn't really happen much here in Charleston. It does make me a bit excited when I see pumpkins and squash at the grocery store, though!

I am mostly excited about Halloween and Thanksgiving! I mean, who isn't??? They are only two of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year! My two favorite things: dressing up and eating food... amazing.

I can't wait to have another thanksgiving like this one (click here)... we had a great family meal filled with tons of yummy food. My cousin, Philip, provided us with a bottle of vodka from Kazakhstan where he is living while he is in the Peace Core. He sent a message with the bottle saying that we have to finish it... so we did.

Also... the absolutely amazing pumpkin cupcake has arrived once again... hands down best cupcake we have. Its a pumpkin bread cake with chopped nuts and a cinnamon cream cheese icing. Absolutely to die for...

I am planing on going to a corn maize this year.... I would go on a hay ride, but those just aren't as fun as they sound.... I can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch and carve the pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns and put up Halloween decorations around my house! Oh so many things to look forward to this fall!

I've been brainstorming ideas for a Halloween costume this year and I am completely stumped. The only thing I'm sure of is that I want to be something bloody. I believe Halloween to be a scary holiday filled with witches, goblins and ghosts, not a holiday for fairies and princesses (although I have been both of those things when I was younger). I think it would be really funny to just walk around with a sheet over my head and eyes poked out so I could be a ghost but... also very annoying. I was a bloody Mini Mouse last year... I told people that Mickey Mouse beat me... it was such a fun costume and no one else had it! It was also veerryyy scary looking.

I loved this costume but I want to be something new this year... so the brainstorm continues. Any suggestions??? I would love to hear them!

So Fall is beautiful, and I need to remind myself that there are just as many exciting aspects of Fall as there are in the Summer. I must accept the fact that I'm going to have to wait another whole year to lay down on the beach again and eat delicious Summer fruit...


  1. aww SHAN!! Fall is amazing and there are so many fun and exciting things to look forward to!!!! Can't wait to see what bloody person you decide to be this year! And pumpkin cupcakes... omg heaven. AND we all have to go to a pumpkin patch together! I'm dying to!

  2. you can be Miss america 1st runner up... who slit her wrists and died right after she lost. And BTW, I believe that you might have found your calling with this Blogging thing. SHANTRON, professional blogger.

  3. can we please go pumpkin hunting soon??? we need to spruce up the crib, and halloween decorations would be perfect :)

  4. I LOVE fall! You should be happy it is here :) Also... we need to discuss Thanksgiving. Love you tell Mommy and Daddy I said hi!

  5. oh wow the pumpkin cupcake looks soooo good! make sure to bring a delicious collection back for thanksgiving! btw let me know when you are getting back for thanksgiving pleeeaase